June 16, 2010

Welbilt Bread Machine – Use it Safe

Mind the hot surfaces

Like many other home appliances, a Welbilt bread machine will become hot when it is in operation so it would be of your own safety not to touch the hot surfaces. If you have to move or touch the machine, it would be best that you can use handles or knobs and a potholder to protect yourself from hurting.

Do not block the steam vent openings

As you can imagine if you block the cap of a boiler when the water inside has reached its boiling point, the steam inside would force the cap to When the pressure inside is large enough, the cap will fly away! People around would get hurt by the splashing water, hot steam and the cap as well so it is the same case for the steam vent of a Welbilt bread machine. So do not block the steam vent opening.

Do not Immerse Welbilt bread machines in water

Since a Welbilt bread machine is run by electricity, you should never soak the bread making machine in water nor splash any liquid onto the appliance to avoid the danger of electric shock. One thing to remember is that you should also keep in mind that the cord is where electricity is transmitted through so the cord should not be in contact with any liquid as a safety precaution.

Keep an eye on the Welbilt bread machine when used around children

As we mentioned before, the bread making machine will become very hot when it is baking bread, children should not be allowed to play around the machine to avoid accidents to happen. If children are around, adults should always be present and keep the Welbilt bread machine out of reach of the children.

What to do when not in use

When you have finished using the Welbilt bread machine, you should unplug the appliance at once. And before cleaning the bread making machine, the machine should not be connected. If you are about to remove any parts from the household appliance, you have to let it cool first so you would not get hurt.

Do not use with a damaged cord

If you find the machine having a damaged cord or plug, you should stop using the Welbilt bread machine as it would be very dangerous. Electric shock can happen. You should get the machine repaired by a registered electrician before you use it again.

Do not use Welbilt bread machine outdoors

The bread making machine is decided to be used indoors and for household use only so use the bread machine outdoors or for commercial use is not recommended.