October 23, 2009

Welbilt Bread Machine – Basic Bread Baking Guide

It is never hard to bake a loaf of delicious bread with a Welbilt bread machine. To make a home-made loaf of bread, you only need to press the five buttons in the following order. It could be only four buttons to be used if you are not using the time delay function. To help you better understand how bread can be made with your bread machine, here are the basic steps you need to know.

When you look at your Welbilt bread machine, you will see five buttons and one small screen. You use the buttons to tell the machine how you would like to bake your bread. And the screen shows you what you have chosen.

Menu -> Color -> Loaf -> Timer -> Start/ Stop

Menu – Decide what you are going to bake

There are altogether six baking cycles, which are basic bread, whole wheat, specialty French, sweet quick bread and dough, for most Welbilt Bread Machines. You will also be able to find European, Bagel dough and jam in some models. As you should have a recipe you on your hand, you simply choose the baking cycle according to the kind of bread you are going to make.

Color – Choose your bread crust color

You will find there are three crust colors for you to choose which are Light (L), Medium (P) and Dark (H). You can choose the color you like or you could choose the crust color that matches well with style of your home-made bread.

Loaf – Opt for your loaf size

This option depends on your Welbilt bread machine model and the amount of ingredients you have prepared. Regular size (1 lb.) and large size (1.5 lb.) are the loaf size choices all models provide while extra large size (2 lb.) is limited to specific models, like ABM2H60 and ABM8200.

Timer – Delay your bread baking process

If you would like to start mixing your ingredients right away, you do not need to utilize this function. Otherwise, the timer helps you to delay the baking process up to 13 hours later. You need to know when you would like to have your bread finished baking. If it is 10 hours later, you simply adjust the time displayed on the screen accordingly.

Start/ Stop – Start baking bread

By pressing the pad, the Welbilt bread machine will start mixing ingredients, kneading dough and baking bread.

Though it may vary a bit for every Welbilt bread machine model, it would be helpful if you follow the steps.

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